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I'm trying to keep a list of books that I've read this year so I can pretend to be smart. My original goal was to read one book a month, but alas, I've already fallen behind. Summaries are listed because Ms. Heilemann taught us to write index cards for each book that we've read. I've unfortunately haven't done that since I finished her class, and in conversations with others, I often forget what books I have and have not read. :(

Warning, as spoilers may follow.

January: The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger
Andrea Sachs gets a new job at Runway magazine with editor Miranda Priestly. Andrea is constantly at Miranda's beck and call, and Miranda makes Andrea does some crazy things (go downstairs and get Starbucks and come back in 5 minutes in NY, retrieve unpublished copies of Harry Potter, etc) or else compromise her job. This affects Andrea's social life (BFF Lily and boyfriend Alex are constantly upset at Andrea being a flake), so much that Andrea and her bf break-up. However, Andrea "gets it on" with hot writer guy Christian... towards the end Lily gets into a car accident, and Andrea, instead of staying by Lily's side, goes to Europe instead to be with Miranda in the Fashion shoot (or whatever it's called). In the end, Andrea realizes that she does not want to turn out to be like Miranda, quits, and gets a job with the New York Post. (I think). Miranda is much more of a bitch in the book, and Andrea doesn't get back with her bf like the movie shows.

February: Skin Tight by Carl Hiaasen
Mick Stranahan is wanted dead, as seen in the first few pages of the book. It turns out that a Dr. Rudy Graveline, a plastic surgeon, wants to kill Mick, because Mick suspects that Dr. Graveline killed Vicky Barletta whilst perfoming rhinoplasty on her. Dr. Graveline hires Chemo to kill Mick, offering to "fix" Chemo's face as a reward. In the meantime, Dr. Graveline's ex-nurse goes to Renaldo Flemm (a Geraldo wanna be) saying that she knows what happened to Vicky Barletta, in exchange for some $$. Afraid of her own confession, she makes a video explaining what she knows and then proceeds to get plastic surgery done on her face so that when Dr. Graveline hires someone to kill her, they can't because they can't recognize her face. Reynaldo and his ... (producer?) Christina Marks go to Mick about the Barletta case (to try to get an interview?), and Christina and Mick get romantic. Mick suspects that Dr. Graveline killed Vicky, and got rid of her body by giving it to his brother, George, who is a gardener with one of those machines that mulch up tree branches and ish. In a conversation between Mick and George, George is killed via the mulching machine because as George was attacking Mick, officer Al Garcia shot George, in which the bullets pushed George into the mulching machine. I stop here because I am not done reading.

I'm also trying to compile a list of movies seen, because oftentimes I forget what I have and have not seen.

Juno, starring Ellen Page and Michael Cera <33
Teenage Juno gets prego with her friend (and love) Paulie Bleeker. Knowing that she is incapable of raising her baby, she offers it up for adoption to a lady named Vanessa and her hubby what's his face. What's his face, deciding that he doesn't want to give up his dream of rock and roll, decides to leave Vanessa. Juno is extremely upset about the fact that they can't stay together, but still gives her baby to Vanessa regardless. Even though this shook up Juno's faith in love, she later confesses to Bleeker that she loves him, and they are too darn cute at the end, especially when they sing The Moldy Peaches "Anyone Else But You."

Laws of Attraction, with Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore
Brosnan and Moore are two divorce lawyers who meet up in a divorce case. They then end up taking a case between a musician and a fashion designer, where the couple really doesn't care about any other assets but a castle in Ireland. Brosnan and Moore meet up (not intentionally) in Ireland to check out the castle, and somehow turned out to get married there. They come back later, where everyone finds out that they are married. They try to stay together, but once Brosnan discovers something about the case that would cause him to win it, Moore is very upset and wants a divorce...and then in court those celebrity ppl decide that they didn't want a divorce after all, and then Moore and Brosnan somehow end up together. I keep calling them by their last name because I can't remember anybody's name in the movie.

The Motel, a movie about an adolescent Asian boy who fights with his mother and <3's an older woman.
Earnest is a middle-schooled Asian boy who works at his mother's motel. He cleans the rooms and runs the front desk. He hangs out at a Chinese resto to hang out with his older friend Christine, whom he is in love with. Christine, before the start of the movie, encouraged Earnest to enter a writing contest, where Earnest ends up winning honorable mention. Earnest doesn't tell his mom this, and when she finds out, she's furious. She tells Earnest that winning honorable mention is worse than losing, because they are telling the whole world that you were not good enough to win (typical Asians :-p). Because of this, Earnest is not allowed to go to an awards banquet for his honorable mention.

At the hotel he meets some interesting, and usually very drunk and/or horny characters, like this Korean (i think) guy who drives a Beemer, but I can't remember his name. They hang out together very often, and it's very nice because the guy is like the dad that Earnest never had. Not the best role model though, as he teaches Earnest how to do stupid things and drive and stuff. It is later learned that the guy is staying at the motel constantly because he broke up with his wife. :( Guy tells Earnest to go after Christine and tell her how he feels, which he does when the two of them are driving to an awards banquet (where Earnest is honored for writing an autobiography entitled "The Motel"). Earnest doesn't tell Christine that he loves her in the most romantic way, and Christine is very taken aback and upset. After the argument, the two drive back without going to the banquet, and a very upset Earnest tells Guy to leave the motel immediately. By this time, it is extremely late at night, and he goes into the lobby area of the motel (after taking off with his mom's car to go to the banquet) and sees his mom. The two have tears in their eyes and the movie ends there. Grrr I wanted to know what happens!