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dude, it's been like 5 months.

it's 'cause like, only, three people update their journals. everyone else has died. anyhow...things that have happened:

-i got married. but i think everyone who is reading this knows that.
-we went to phoenix, the grand canyon, and petrified forest for our honeymoon. yay!
-we went to SLO and hearst castle for honeymoon #2. yah, we're high-rollers like that.
-i DIDN'T get laid off this year- yay! now let's hope i don't get laid off the following year...

i'm supposed to do a new thing every week. some things i've done, but can't remember when they were done....or what they were...maybe i will write it later.

i'm supposed to try to apply for grad school, but i have to put in 14k of my own money before FinAid will kick in. damnit. that's like practically no money, bc that's how much tuition is anyway. so if i go to school for 2.5 years, that's about 35k in tuition. it will take me about 13 years to recover that money i spend on tuition (the extra $$ i would get in pay for a master's instead of a bachelor's). don't know if grad school is worth it anymore, other than it's intrinsic value. boo.

spring break is in 3 weeks. don't know what i should do...loaf around? work on my college apps? hmmm....

pictures will be up on smugmug and LJ one day....

Twilight- The Movie

Unless I've told you specifically, people probably don't know that I'm a Twilight fan. I'm not crazy obsessed like some of my students are, but I was/am a big enough of a fan to tackle a viewing on opening night.

I was going to try to watch the midnight showing (to try to avoid the tweens) but I lost track of days...and thought it was only Thursday when it really turned out to be Friday. Well, there goes the midnight showing idea.

I went to the Renaissance Theater in Alhambra about 45 minutes before the movie was scheduled to begin. Of course, there was a line, but it actually wasn't that bad.

Movies are usually not better than the book, and this was no exception. The movie was OK, but the eye candy (ahem Robert Pattinson) was worth the cost of the two movie tickets. :)

the weekend

-took the biology GRE
-signed a contract with Great Dane Baking Company (for wedding)
-got wedding dress altered
-got a ticket for the Beck concert on Monday night (no school Tuesday-- yay!!)
-went to Temecula for wine tasting
-got aZn glow
-ate lots of carbs when i came home
-finished 1st quarter grades


Originally, grades were due on Wednesday, October 1st. Total sadness since the staff already made plans to go to the Stuffed Sandwich on Tuesday. Even more sadness, because Back to School Night is the following Tuesday (Oct 7th), and I didn't want a mob of angry parents throwing rocks at me.

But now, grades are due on Monday, Oct. 6th. Ahh grading goodness.

attack of the mosquito!!!!

i come out from the shower and there it was. a huge mosquito, at least 1.5 inch in diameter/armspan/wingspan. it lands on the wall near my towel, and so i stand there, in the tub, for a good 3 minutes trying to figure out what i'm going to do.

i decide to get out on the other side of the tub, and grab the can of air freshener. i spray the mosquito with it. it flies to the window. i spray it there too. it lands behind the toilet. i spray it a little more. then i look through the bathroom and i find my "off!" mosquito repellent spray. i spray the mosquito. it still won't die.

i keep spraying and spraying and spraying and the damn bug won't die!! when it looks like it's about dead, i grab a paper towel from the kitchen and then i twist it up so i can poke the mosquito. it moves and i step back.

i spray some more. after who knows how long, the mosquito dies. i pick up the mosquito with the paper towel and i put it in the toilet bowl. i flush it down.

i hate mosquitos.


I had a nice break today because i had a 1.5 hreat prep period. However, i have a meeting afterschool today and then i have to go to "school" tonight. :(
I like to complain a lot.

Mar. 10th, 2008

Testing out nifty mobile lj features

Echo Park

Don and I took a trip out to Echo Park, because I've never been. He showed me a scene in the movie "Chinatown" where they are in the paddle boats, and it looked cute. We finally got a chance to go today, and we had to go especially since the weather was so beautiful.

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m debating on whether i should have unlimited textra msg or unlimited internet on my phone.

wandering around whittier narrows

I don't move anymore. I really don't. In order to try to alleviate that problem, Don and I went for a quick walk around Whittier Narrows Nature somethingsomething.

It has a trail that takes 2 minutes to get you to the San Gabriel River.

It's so blehh...

We did see an awesome large white bird. It must have been at least 2-3 feet tall. It's called a Snowy Egret, we believe.

Snowy Egret sitting there.

Flying away because I scared it.

All amazing shots courtesy of my camera phone. :-p