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friends only

this journal is now going to be friends only. just because i like to know who my readers are. :)

the happiest place on earth

waiting in line for the new (to us) nemo submarine!

my husband looking into his tea

testing out the different functions on my phone.

Sunday Brunch

I love Sunday brunch. Well, I love eating in general (we all know that). I'm on the hunt to find the most amazing Sunday brunch place in the SGV...so I tried out Almansor Court's Sunday brunch. It's 20 bucks per person, but on their website they have a $4 off coupon, so it's really $16 bucks per person. Good variety...couldn't even eat half of what they offered, but I thought it was yum. Could be better, definitely not "Vegas buffet quality," but I would probably go again. Their water tasted funny though, so I just kept drinking OJ instead.

They had an ommlette bar (as most places do), waffles, a lady who makes eggs benedict, mexican food, seafood, american food, and desserts galore. We had a crappy seat outdoors with the sun in our eyes, but it's OK with a pair of shades. Next time, we should make reservations though.

Yes, this is an excuse to write an entry, especially when I have so much to do (projects to grade, grades due, grad school app due, BTSA due, blah blah blah).
dyeing my hair! weee!! finally getting rid of the gross roots that u can see from my highlighted hair.

also went and bought a coach mini skinny today. bc i <3 to spend money. aiyahhh.


i spent the last 3-4 hours entering all the 3rd quarter grades into engrade. so tired!

i already have them entered in my computer (gradekeeper) already, but i wanted to try out engrade. i hope it works out for the better!